• Cherry Blossom Chefs prepare nutritious meals on the premises each day. Our menu has been developed based on nutritional guidelines and parent input. We cater for all dietary and religious requirements.

    Cherry Blossom Early Learning Centre has received ongoing support from a local dietitian to ensure the menu supports children’s daily nutritional requirements. The four week menu follows the guidelines set by NSW Health to incorporate each of the food groups for optimum health.

    At Cherry Blossom Early Learning Centre we aim to decrease childhood obesity through nutritious food and educating children and families about healthy choices. Our educators model healthy eating and embody health into the daily curriculum.

    In addition, our preschool room incorporates the ‘healthy lunch box program’ in term four to prepare children for primary school. This program supports the bridge between the early childhood program ‘Munch and Move’ and primary school program ‘live life well @ school’. The healthy lunch box program further educates children and families about healthy lunch box choices.