Our Programs

  • Core Education

  • International research recognises that children learn best through play. Children make sense of the world around them through ‘doing’ and ‘being’. At Cherry Blossom we teach through play within an environment which is both structured and flexible.

    We believe that learning best takes place amongst peers in a social environment, and we will encourage children to establish and maintain relationships with each other and their educators.

    We observe, plan and implement programs based on each individual child as well as the group. Cherry Blossom follows the National Curriculum: The Early Years Learning Framework, with Educators working with each child to achieve outcomes and developmental milestones that are appropriate to the child and their age.

    We acknowledge that parents are the first teachers and work closely with families to develop the program and set goals for the children. We are committed to keeping communication one of our priorities and have an open door policy at the Centre for all families in our community.

    Within each room’s daily program the children have the opportunity to engage in creative arts, music, cooking and physical activity. We have talented team who implement an educational but also very exciting program!

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